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The Shotgun/Throwdown: Thursday (8/27/09) Edition

Welcome By-Godders to the Thursday edition of the Shotgun/Throwdown, brought to you today by Hungary's finest, Borsodi.

Not much to comment about today, so we'll just get right to it after the jump. Tips, suggestions and requests are greatly appreciated.

What you may have missed:

Redshirt freshman will start at center - Charleston Daily Mail
It's official, Madsen starts at C.

Lineups won't change much, coaches say - Charleston Daily Mail
Depth chart released.

WVU notebook - The Charleston Gazette
Hickman's notebook.

2009 SI Conference Report: Big East -
SI's take.

Women's Slate Revealed - WVMETRONEWS.COM
Mike Carey's women's team schedule now complete.

WVU sets record fall enrollment on opening day (for freshman) -
Overall undergrad enrollment down only 100 from last year.

Berry keeping a diary - Charleston Daily Mail
Scooter's keeping a diary for The Sporting News. It appears to be for subscribers only though. If anyone finds out differently, please let us all know in the comments below.

News of Note:

Freshman threesome could find field for Mountaineers - The Register-Herald
Sadly, this is about football.

Beatty Making WVU's Presence Known in Talent-Filled Virginia -
Hopefully this is one assistant we can hold on to for a long time.

Sowers: safe(ty) at home - The Charleston Gazette
The multiple Iron Mountaineer honoree from my hometown getting his chance. What most readers may not know, is his dad held some kind of rushing record for a while (ambiguous, I know) in a game vs. WVU. He played for VMI in the late 60's ("Sowers left, Sowers right, pass, punt, FIGHT FIGHT" - this is an actual old cheer). This is according to what my dad has always told me and I can't find any stats anywhere to back him up or refute.

Brown ready for challenge of running spread - The Times West Virginian
Hertzel profiles QB JB.

Bigfoot 'Definitely Coming' to WVU, Former Coach Says -
This is from a new blog so take it for what it's worth and Believe it.....Or NOT!

Charting WVU's Depth - MSNsportsNET.Com
Antonik's take on the depth chart.

Quinton Spain -
Scout TV video on WVU commitment Quinton Spain.

College Basketball Summer ShootAround: Big East - Men's College Basketball - ESPN

Live From The Dub: 6'6 240 - Gold n Blue 2009-2010
The latest edition. Some like it, some don't...I don't judge it, I just link it.

And here's a couple rankings from ESPN's Bennett:

Big East preseason position rankings: Running back - ESPN

Big East superlatives for 2009 - ESPN

Five things to watch in the Big East this season - ESPN

Big East preseason position rankings: Offensive line - ESPN

What's On Tap:

Condom Caravan to begin next week -
Times have certainly changed, even in the last 15 years.

Miss Throwdown:

Today's Miss Throwdown hails from Hungary (anybody who knows me, knows I have a thing for hot Eastern Europeans) and her name is Kriszti Polgar. So crack open a Borsodi and raise it to Kriszti. Here's to you:

(Pic = Link to Gallery)