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The Shotgun/Throwdown: Wednesday Edition (8/26/09)

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Welcome, By-Godders, to the Wednesday edition of the Shotgun/Throwdown, brought to you today by Little Kings (as requested by Mike '82).

Here's today's Link Dump Sanitary Land Fill. Sorry for the delay. Firefox crashed, but TG for Autosave!! Your tips, suggestions and requests are greatly appreciated. On with the show:

What you may have missed:

Non-Conference BB Schedule Released - MSNsportsNET.Com

Complete Schedule here. Only 5 OOC games on the Coliseum floor?

Bigfoot news Rumor -
Believe it...OR NOT!!

WVU women's soccer ranked Nos. 14, 17 - Charleston Daily Mail
At least we didn't lose this coach to that school place up north.

Could this be Music for Big East ears? - The Charleston Gazette
VIngle's giving you a little tidbit hint with his title. He's so clever.

Justin Burke named U of L's starting quarterback - The Courier-Journal
And they have a winner body.

2009 Big East Preview -

EDSBS " Archive " CURIOUS INDEX, 8/25/2009
Dougity Dog's Noel video gets the EDSBS treatment.

News of Note:

Neild puts nose to grindstone - The Charleston Gazette
He is obsessed with Lions.

Tall (Or Short) Tales - MSNsportsNET.Com
Antonik's notebook.

Big East preseason position rankings: Receiver - Big East - ESPN
Bennett's team rankings by position continue.

Preseason Camp update: The curse of Lorenzen claims its first victims -
UConn is plagued by injuries.

Shannon respects decision of two backup QBs to transfer -
Can Shannon ever keep a QB happy?

Gophers coach unhappy with Big Ten schedule maker | Truth&Rumors | FanNation
AWWW...but I bet you they wouldn't ever do that to the big boys in that league.

More doubt at QB - The Boston Globe
BC is having QB troubles of their own.

ESPN to show USC-Ohio State football game in 3D - Dayton Business Journal
Michael Bay will direct and there will be explosions.

10 Things To Look Forward To This College Football Season - Gump4Heisman
Looks like Country Roads scooped me.

Steve Spurrier, Coaches Poll voters subject to public records law - Andy Staples -
Andy Staples is on a crusade to make the coaches poll public.

Stoops going through a divorce
The only reason I post this one is this: When did this stuff become sports news?

What's On Tap:

Little League World Series continues on ESPN. Watch and see that there is crying in baseball.

Postion, Name and NCAA Dept. Combination of the Day:

TE Virgin receives NCAA Clearinghouse approval

USF freshman TE Isaac Virgin was cleared by the NCAA Clearinghouse today, USF coach Jim Leavitt wrote on his Twitter page.

Virgin was one of four USF freshmen who were not allowed to practice Monday and can’t continue to practice until they are cleared by the NCAA Clearinghouse. The others are DEs Ryne Giddins and Julius Forte and RB Bradley Battles.

"IV (Issac Virgin) cleared today," Leavitt wrote on his Twitter page. "This is good news waiting on the rest."


Miss Throwdown:

Today's Miss Throwdown is Miss Tiffany Jewel. Her parent's must have known she was gonna be hot when they came up with a name like that. As always, the picture links to the promised land:

Here are some motivational posters (pic = link) to get you through this Hump Day (that's a big hint for you 5YS) early: