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The Shotgun/Throwdown: Wednesday (8/19/09) Edition

Welcome, By-Godders, to the Wednesday edition of the Shotgun/Throwdown, brought to you today by Castle Lager, South Africa's most recognizable beer.

It just feels good to say "By-Godders." I get chills, or dare I say, a tingling sensation down.....nevermind. Or is it Miss Throwdown who does that? I'm soooo confused!!!! The party begins after the jump.

Remember, as always, the tipline.

What you may have missed:

Four Named to Lombardi Award Watch List - MSNsportsNET.Com
I've never understood why linebackers are on this list for, as they call it: "the nation’s top offensive or defensive lineman."

Finau finally on the way to Morgantown? - Big East - ESPN
Babyface Bennett's version of the Bigfoot story - Stew's Views: Day 10 (The Mullen Edition)
The T-1000 gave yesterday's presser between practices. It's already started.

Tennessee Volunteers coach Lane Kiffin says NCAA investigating Bryce Brown's eligibility - ESPN
Tennessee and NCAA problems....who'da thunk it?

USC's damaged BCS trophy is (probably) not an omen - Dr. Saturday - NCAA Football -
Somebody at USC dropped the ball.

Seriously....get out!!! It won't go AWAY!!! He's worse than a bad case of herpes.

News of Note:

Can't touch this - Charleston Gazette
That's TAY-von to you.

Notebook: Thomas reverses his field after 2007 arrest - Charleston Gazette
Another redemption case. Hopefully we won't have to hear about these much more...but unfortunately we probably will. Also included: T-1000 on freshman and a bit about Neild and lions

Beatty: Austin Quicker than Devine -
Where'd this site come from?

Nice little story about Huggs' video coordinator.

Pitt Football: Stull gets nod for QB start - PPG
The Stache has spoken.

Gunman George Sodini Leaves $225,000 to University - AOL
It's nice to know they have SOME standards.

The folks at may want to cut ties with Google Ads - Card Chronicle

Top Five Things About The Syracuse-Meadowlands Announcement - Troy Nunes Is An Absolute Magician
#3 -"The Orange will be the home team for all three games at the new stadium." Goodbye home game.

Marrone talks Paulus, Orange lose kicker - Big East - ESPN
Gain a flopper, lose a kicker....I'd call that a push

Top 10 Big East Players - Photos -
A gallery from SI

New Mexico State Introduces Snack Attack Offense -- NCAA Football FanHouse

New Mexico State Aggies requesting help from fans to provide some snacks - ESPN
...and The Worldwide Leader's version of the previous link.

On Tap tonight:

Boston Red Sox vs. Toronto Blue Jays - ESPN

Little League Softball World Series Championship Game
On the Deuce

Video of (Dis)Interest:

Warming Glow posted this yesterday and I HAD to share.

Miss Throwdown

Our lovely lady today and the reason for today's sponsor is Miss Tracy McGregor of South Africa (I'm trying a new feature, click on the pic for a gallery):