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Tuesday Morning Shotgun/Throwdown (8/18/09)

Welcome to the Tuesday morning edition of the Shotgun/Throwdown, brought to you today by Ireland's Oldest Ale, Smithwick's.

There's no special reason for today's sponsor, other than it's just a damn fine beer. Don't forget to send your tips to I'm not sure if anyone's noticed, but I'm trying to add a few updates throughout the morning as I find more content. I can see now why Jimmy Traina does Hot Clicks around lunchtime. See you after the jump.

What you may have missed:

QB Pat White has an arm: Everybody thought about the 'Wildcat' when the Dolphins drafted White in the second round of the 2009 NFL Draft. But White showed that he could throw the ball, too. White displayed great decision making, he did not throw the ball up for grabs. Did not take any unnecessary chances. And his one interception was on a deflection.

News of Note:

What's on Tap Tonight:

Being mid-August, there's not much on other than Major League Baseball on your locals.

For you belligerent gamblers/card players there's the WSOP on ESPN.

I'll spare the comments and just say there's Little League Girl's Softball on the Deuce.

Shaq vs. debuts tonight on ABC 8pm EDT - Tonight's foe is Ben "I'm not allowed to ride motorcycles anymore" Roethlisberger

Throwdown Girl of the Day:

Today's Girl is British heart-breaker Gemma Atkinson.