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Pre-Season Blog Poll (The Ballot of Your's Truly)

The Smoking Musket has been invited to participate in this year's Blog Poll, and it will be your's truly who will be responsible for the ballot.  Why me?  Because 5YS would vote us first, The 25314 would vote us last, and Country Roads and WVUIE97 are too new.  So that leaves me.  Every Monday, we'll post our newest ballot, free for everyone to either laud or skewer.

Below is the pre-season version (which matters very little, but it's a requirement).  Enjoy.

Rank Team
1 Florida
2 Oklahoma
3 Texas
4 Alabama
5 Southern Cal
6 Mississippi
7 Ohio State
8 Penn State
9 Georgia Tech
10 LSU
11 Georgia
12 California
13 Oklahoma State
14 Oregon
15 Virginia Tech
16 Michigan State
17 West Virginia
18 Utah
19 North Carolina
20 Nebraska
21 Oregon State
22 Pittsburgh
23 TCU
24 South Florida
25 Brigham Young