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The End of "Jilted Lover"

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No WVU fan in their right mind should ever use this term.  Never.  It is a term that Michigan fans and trolls from other schools use to disparage WVU fans.  How any self-respecting Mountaineer fan can call a another fellow fan this is beyond me.  Frankly, it's insulting enough that I am having to write a post about it to end it's use.

That's right, no more.  I am officially retiring this stupid phrase from TSM lexicon (if it's used, expect my wrath, and you really don't want that -- trust me)

You can criticize Bill Stewart all you want -- I understand that until our staff shows it in the win column, he's fair game.  You can even compare and contrast the regimes of Rodriguez and Stewart.  All of that is well within the bounds of discussion.  But at this point, nearly two years later, we can have a discussion about coaching without the taint of "jilted lover" being brought up.  It just simply does not apply anymore.  It doesn't help prove your point; it just further convinces me that you simply can't prove your point.

Once we get past this term, and all that comes with it, we can finally have a decent debate about Mountaineer coaching.  And really, isn't that what we all want?