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Inaugural Smoking Musket Shotgun/Throwdown

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Welcome to the Inaugural Smoking Musket Shotgun/Throwdown, brought to you today by Cass Beer.

Let me first say I am honored to be trusted with the mantel that is the Shotgun/Throwdown. It was one of my favorite features on the old site and I hope to live up to the standard (I'm scared of what 5YS might do if I screw this up, honestly). I'm going to try to keep this as WVU and opponents/rivals related as possible, with a few notable exceptions when major events happen in the sports world. I also plan to have a little bonus at the end as well. I'm still new working with this platform, so I'm learning on the fly with the formatting. I've set up an email account ( for tips, suggestions, email scams and death threats. The heckling belongs in the comments, as usual. The fun begins after the jump:

What you may have missed:

Stories of Interest:

What's on tap tonight:

Throwdown Girl of the Day:

Today's girl is none other than Gina Carano. She may have lost over the weekend, but I think you'll agree, she can kick our asses anytime she wants to.

Gina Carano chokes out tv host (via ginacaranodotorg)