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The Return Of The Legendary Shotgun/Throwdown!

If you've been with us on this site throughout our evolution, you certainly remember the venerable Shotgun/Throwdown. It debuted over a year and a half ago, on January 14, 2008. And it burned bright as the sun -- for three months (only the good die young?). But now, like a phoenix rising from drinking way too much the night before a football game, it's back and ready to tailgate.

If you forgot the concept, or are just too lazy to click on the link above, here it is:

Each football Saturday (or Thursday, Friday, etc.), our group of friends officially mark the beginning of the tailgate with a special event: the shotgun/throwdown. It’s pretty simple, just ~10 guys in a circle shotgunning a beer and then throwing it down to the ground in victory. It marks the moment in time when drinking for the day goes from merely recreational to outright belligerent.

At WBGV, it will be stand as our morning jump-off and will run daily, Monday-Friday. Enjoy.

WVUIE97, a long-time contributor to this site through comments and FanPosts, will take the reigns as commander-in-chief of the Shotgun/Throwdown. Our posting platform here at The Smoking Musket allows us to do some wonderful things, so expect the Shotgun/Throwdown to be better than ever. At least I hope -- and WVUIE97 should hope too, because you wouldn't like 5th Year Senior when he's angry. Seriously.

So, tune in tomorrow and every weekday morning throughout football season (and hopefully beyond) as we start you day off the way it should -- a little Shotgun/Throwdown!

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