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Mountaineer Field, Home not Sweet Home

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Everyone loves game day in Morgantown. And we all love game night in Morgantown a little bit more. But Mountaineer Field does not give WVU the home field advantage you might think it does.

It is without question, the best facility in the Big East, and maybe the best stadium in the northeast, save for Penn St. When it's full, it is loud and intimidating, but has also been home to WVU's most dissapointing losses.

Though WVU has a solid home winning percentage, it has only gone undefeated and untied at home 3 times in the 28 year history of Mountaineer Field, and never since 1993. It has also been the site of the 2004 loss to Boston College costing WVU a BCS berth, a 2006 loss to South Florida costing WVU another BCS berth, a 2007 loss to Pitt costing a berth in the National Championship, and a 2008 loss to Cincinnati, against costing WVU a BCS berth.

And what's worse, all those losses have come in November or later and were the only home losses of the season.

Why is it that WVU hasn't been able to complete an undefeated home record and chokes at home when the stakes are the highest? Most likely because the students leave early and the alumni doesn't stand up. But whatever the reason, all signs point towards WVU losing to Louisville or Pitt at home this year with a BCS game at stake because WVU hasn't been able to protect their house late in seasons.