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Auburn Names Starting QB, Laughs Abound

We may think we have a lot of questions going into this season, but our problems pale in comparison to those of Gene Chizik (wait, does he have problems or is he the problem) at Auburn.

Yesterday, Chizik tried to put a lot of those questions to rest by naming his starting quarterback (senior Chris Todd).  Let's just say it didn't go well.

Dr. Saturday explains:

You remember Auburn quarterback Chris Todd from his starring roles in such classics as Scoreless Second Half vs. TennesseeNine Consecutive Punts at Vanderbilt and, of course, the award-winning minimalist masterpiece, 3 to 2 in Starkville.

Let it be known they won that 3-2 masterpiece.  The guy's a winner.

Of course, this guy was a better option than everyone else, which further cements the fact that Auburn is in a huge f'ing mess.

Last year, Auburn stole our ESPY for "Worst Performance in a Coaching Search," now it looks like they've let that prize go to their heads.  They're getting worse.