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Pre-Fall Practice Prognostication

With all the talk about how terrible or great we will be this year, let's put our reputations on the line and make some predictions. I know it is still early, so we should do it with a caveat. If something happens to change your mind, you can change your prediction by September 4.

Here, we go...

Liberty - W

ECU - W This game will be a barometer of our defene. I think we will struggle, as usual, but will pull it out

Auburn - W I think we keep our win streak alive against the vaunted SEC.

Colorado - L After a week off, we come out flat and don't recover in time to pull out the W.

Syracuse - W

Marshall - W Another easy win.

UConn - W

USF - W Grothe alone is not enough to beat our D. It will be close but we win in not so south florida.

Louisville - W Kragthorpe may not be the coach at this point of the year.

Cincy - W They lost too much on D to keep up with our passing game.

Pitt - W We finally get our revenge but it will be a nail bitter.

Rutgers - W I have wanted Rutgers to turn the corner for many years but I just don't think they can do it.

Many of you will call me crazy and I am probably thinking too much with my heart but oh well. The close games we lost last year will turn into close wins this year. However, if JB goes down, we will be in trouble.