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Truck Has Another Oopss

Read, this article, by Mike Casazza and tell me what you think. Here are my thoughts:

Let me just say, hitting and injuring someone with your car and then driving away is bad. That, however, is not what happened in this case. What we have here is a kid with super sensitivities who likes to tattletale on others. I was "slightly hit" by my fair share of cars while walking the streets of Morgantown. The remedy is not to go crying to the police, it is to kick the car or knock off the side mirror with a bottle of Mountain Dew (right Charley).

Let me go over some "facts" from the article.

First, Mr. Smarr, the wuss, states that he stopped and looked both ways before crossing Chestnut Street. Well genius, Chestnut Street is a one-way street. Why would he look both ways? My opinion is that he is lying to make himself look like the responsible one in this incident. I have walked out of Willeys many times and I only look one way, drunk or sober.

Second, as far as I can tell from the article, he crossed the middle of the street. There is no cross walk outside Bent Willeys, so that means he was jay walker. I hope he is cited for his violation of crossing the street outside of a cross walk.

Third, Mr Smarr also fled the scene of the "hit-and-run." Check out this quote from the article in the Daily Mail, "Kirk said Smarr was not seriously injured and they both returned home before calling the police." So Mr. Smarr is crying about the car leaving the scene when he also did not stick around. Hypocrisy? Maybe a little.

Finally, Truck stopped the car - which was not hard considering he was only going 5 mph - and rolled the window down to see if the kid was alright. The kid just kept walking and did not even say anything. I know when I got hit by a couple cars in Morgantown I said a few bad words and yelled at the driver.

One time, this girl was talking on her cell phone when she hit me, so I reached in the window, grabbed that phone and smashed it on the ground.

My end point is, maybe Truck should've asked Smarr if he was ok or if he was going to cry about being "slightly bumped." Mr. Smarr, tisk tisk tisk, suck it up and be a man.