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If You Build It, It Will Come

"It's imperative,'' Huggins said Thursday at the WVU Classic at Berry Hills. "If we're going
to continue to advance the program, which is what I want to do, we need it.''

This summer, Huggins and his staff have been pounding the pavement and shaking hands in order to raise the necessary funds for a new practice facility. As it has been pointed out many times, there are two major stumbling blocks in the way of getting this beauty built: 1) The "lousy economy" and 2) Ed Pastilong.

The bad economy is a valid excuse. Even some our richest donors are feeling the pinch. Hell, half of them probably couldn't even afford another beach house this year. I was only able to contribute a portion of my "disability" check this year. While the economy may be a valid excuse, it is not the biggest reason that ground has yet to be broken on this project.

Our AD is the big problem. Slick Eddie P. is simply twiddling his thumbs in hopes that he can take credit for the facility once Huggs and his staff raise the money. As CBH has stated time and time again, this project does not move unless he is pushing it.

What worries me the most is the chatter that Eddie P. now wants to retract his former statements about retiring. Could he be holding up the building of this facility intentionally until the new WVU President comes aboard and then start it, in an attempt to show he is still valuable within the athletic department? I know, it is a conspiracy theory but then again, I don't believe he moon shot was real.

However, with recent reports surfacing that WVU is soliciting bids for Coliseum improvements and set-up work for the practice facility, is my "conspiracy theory" all that hard to believe?

In the end, I don't care how it is built. I just want it up and running ASAP. If we get this facility built there is not a doubt in my mind that we will finally get a National Championship banner to hang from the rafters.