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WVU Football: It Can Be Amazing (New DougityDog Video)

In a new series of short and swagger-jacked commercials, I bring you these clips of "amazing" moments (or at least what I would say are impressive and exciting moments for any WVU fan). So, from the NBA's creative mind and my fingers, please enjoy the series of 6+ short mock commercials that will come your way (over the following days) courtesy of The Smoking Musket and myself. And please, ask yourself, when will amazing happen next season?

...and allow me to put forward my answer: you never fucking know, so you probably need to watch every second of WVU football in 2009.

Continue reading for more on what to expect this offseason in the form of orignial video content debuting on this site, courtesy of Dougitydog (and possibly others).

Planning to debut this summer other than the short video series just mentioned include

"Simply Devine" (Noel Devine's Unofficial Sophomore Highlight Reel)
- a follow up to the 200,000+ view freshman highlight reel, likely again created in collaboration with ZproductionZ

A Pat WhiteTribute Production
- Created by ZproductionZ with some help getting resources from myself, I should be able to have this video make its debut on The Smoking Musket, and it should be AMAZING (i believe it has already been started)

And anything else....
- I may feel motivated to create other videos in my down time, if so look for them here, I may also be able and willing to share specific selections of some of the video work I have created for the WVU football teams use.