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You Know How I Know WVU Baseball Isn't Any Good?

Tobias Streich, former junior catcher for the Mountaineers, was just drafted in the 5th round by the Minnesota Twins. Nothing against Tobias, as being drafted that high is a real accomplishment and gives you a good chance of sticking with the organization. No, the real problem here is the following quote from today's Daily Mail:

The 2009 All-Big East Conference catcher is WVU's highest draft pick since former pitcher Chris Enochs was picked 11th overall in the first round of the 1997 draft by the Oakland Athletics.

I knew the situation was bad, but in no way did I know we hadn't had a player drafted above the 5th round in 12 years. That's almost impossible to do; like our coach was intentionally trying to not develop talent. And that's part of the problem with Greg Van Zant. When I can make a comment that he's purposefully tanking the program and you read and think to yourself, "you know what, that doesn't sound all that stupid."

Based on that, I think he should definitely keep his job for the next decade and continue this consistent stretch of mediocrity. And that's not so much an insult to Van Zant as it is to the word mediocrity. Mediocrity is better than that.

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