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The Summer Football Camp Experience

As many of you know, WVU plays host to many of the nations top recruits during its summer football camps -- names like Dunkley, McCartney, etc. If you hide in the bushes around the stadium for long enough you have plenty of opportunities to jump out and meet some of them. Such an opportunity happened to me just the other day.

Travis Bell, safety from Belle Glade, FL, is attending WVU's football camp this week. My encounter with this prized recruit - at least I hope it was him - for the 2010 class was short, but I would like to think very meaningful. I was pointed in the right direction and simply walked up to him, signaled for a high-five and said, "Let's Go Mountaineers!." He smiled and reciprocated the high-five. Before he walked away I let him know that he would love being a Mountaineer.

If this young man decides WVU is the place for him, you can thank me. If he goes somewhere else, blame Mullen.