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Amazing Happened...

Well, it happened pretty much whenever Pat White wanted it to. Watching this (probably my favorite of all 6 videos in this series) reminds me just how much Pat White improved in his final year as a thrower under Mullen. This throw was 40+ yards on point leading Arnett to the end zone, all the while performing a roll out/fade away type movement and taking a hit. Just unbelievable by our former QB. Someone who was placing passes like Jarrett was in the Spring Game should be one of the better throwing quarterback's in the nation a few games into the season under Mullen's development and guidance. Hell, he might be there before the season starts.



Building on what CW was talking about Slaton and White's impact on recruiting, I have likewise already seen what at least one quartback recruit has said about what Mullen was able to do making White into a much more capable NFL QB in one year. Imagine if he places two dual-threat quaterbacks in the NFL in his first two years here. That fact might catch the eye of athletic QBs who want to make it to the NFL as true dual-threat QB's

Finally, here is the playlist of all 6 of the videos in this fake campaign I have created.