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Alum McIntyre Has Charges Dropped, No Longer Considered a Public Fondler

Well, as it turns out, an NFL player doesn't necessarily get his jollies from fondling himself outside the window of a grandmother's house.  Some other dude does, though.

Charges were dropped against Corey McIntyre, former WVU linebacker turned NFL fullback, who was accused of exposing himself and, how can I put this gently, "enjoying his own company" outside a woman's home in Port St. Lucie, FL.  In his stead, another man has been arrested; a man, who by all accounts, is a dead-ringer for McIntyre.

Police acknowledged the only similarities between McIntyre and the latest suspect arrested is that they are both black and have dreadlocks.

"They are significantly different in physical shape," Nichols said. The new suspect weighs about 150 pounds, while McIntyre is nearly 260 pounds, he said.

Meanwhile, 5th Year Senior continues to roam free. There is no justice in this world!