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What Did I Say About Coaches Running Their Mouths?

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Damnit, Joe Paterno.  First, you find the key to eternal life and have chosen not to share it with the rest of us.  Now, like that wasn't enough, you keep bringing up Big Ten expansion like it's going out of style.

"If I had my choice, someone that can give us the biggest TV exposure in the East," Paterno said, offering as possibilities "Syracuse, Pitt, Rutgers. Not in that order."

Yes, TV exposure over actual skill and accomplishment in athletics.  That's exactly what the Big Ten needs.  I often think to myself, on rainy Sundays, "oh, Charley West you old chap, that Big Ten conference is just too good.  What they really need is to water down their product just a tad more, all for the benefit of their grand TV network."   Then I smoke my pipe and adjust my monocle -- but you get the point.

It seems to be that Paterno has reached the stage in his life where he's just going to speak his mind and damn those who get in the way. I mean, he's been dead for 6 years, who cares if he spouts off at the mouth a little, right?