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Is Our Baksetball Team Really That Scary?

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Over the past few months we have heard a lot of rumors as to who will fill the last few slots in WVU's 2009-2010 basketball schedule. Contract negotiations with everyone from Florida to Kentucky to Gonzaga have fallen apart. Are these teams scared of our roster or did things just not work out?

Sure we have a great group of incoming freshmen, not to mention a crop of NBA bound players. Also, don't forget about a couple guys that punch cops, that is scary. But come on, we can't be all that scary next season, can we? There has to be someone out there that is willing to get embarassed on national TV by Ebanks and Co?

Thank you, Purdue. The Boilermakers have seemingly stepped up and are willing to take a beating on national TV. As Huggins said in the Daily Mail a few days back, "We're waiting on the contract as I understand things."

With that, our schedule is almost done. Are any other BCS Conference teams willing to step-up and take on the Mountaineers? I doubt it, but then again, we need a few cupcakes here and there anyway.