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Recruiting Ultimate Matchup: Russ vs. Spain

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Josh Russ is a defensive end commit for the University of Cincinnati. Quinton Spain is a offensive tackle commit for West Virginia University. Since they may one day meet on the field of battle, we felt it proper to compare the two. Who will get the best of the matchup? It's a real toss-up...

(If you may remember, we have done this before; this one has a decidedly less facist feel.)



6'5", 200 lbs.

6'5", 320 lbs.

(Edge: Spain)

Schools Showing Interest


West Virginia, Virginia Tech, South Carolina, Maryland

(Edge: Spain)

Favorite Musical Act

Hmm, good question, sir. I do love me some Jonas Brothers. I could just eat those three boys up. Yummmmmmy!

HOV or Jeezy, ya heard. Roc for life.

(Edge: Spain)

If You Were A Country, You'd Be...

I have always been partial to Switzerland. Their commitment to neutrality appeals to my non-passive views on world diplomacy.

Mother fuckin' United States of America. We bomb the shit out of yo' shit hole of a country.

(Edge: Spain)

If You Could Be Stranded On A Deserted Island With Anyone, Who Would It Be?

Dame Judy Dench. She's just a fantastic actress. Or my mother.

Megan Fox. You seen that bitch's ass? Daaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaamn. She fine.

(Edge: Spain)

Better Football Player?

I must say, the good gentleman from the Commonwealth of Virginia, Mr. Quinton Spain. He frightens me dearly.

You heard the white boy.

(Edge: Spain)