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The More Players From Pahokee, The Better

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Pahokee, Florida is one of the smallest, strongest talent beds in all of Florida. In a town where the school only boasts 600-some students, Pahokee is often a producer of close to double-digit BCS signees each year. 2010 is absolutely no different.

Well, credit WVU for getting in early, as the Mountaineers received a verbal from WR Fred Pickett. Offered by Florida State should give an inclination of Pickett's talents, but the beyond that, the Pahokee connection could pay huge dividends.

Alphonso Smith, the once-Wake Forest CB who was just drafted by the Denver Broncos, also attended Pahokee. Is it any coincidence that several 2010 Pahokee prospects are now considering Wake Forest? This is a very tight-knit town, and creating inroads is a big step for WVU. It shoud give us a leg up in the sweepstakes for other '10 prospects. So, as we certainly welcome the committment of Fred Pickett as an addition to the 2010 class, we also welcome the prospects of connections, etc. that come with it.