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The Duke Rule

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For years, I have been yelling at the TV while watching countless Duke players take "charges" while standing under the basket. Yeah, I know, half the time the Dookies don't even get touched but flop back as if they were just shot with an elephant gun. Next season, however, could be completely different.

The NCAA Rules Committee has proposed adopting an NBA-esque rule that would prohibit players from taking charges while standing under the basket. Great suggestion and to make it easy for the officials to make this call, they will also add a semi-circle to delineate the restricted area.

Wait, they aren't going to add that silly looking semi-circle under the basket? Are you fucking kidding me? What you're telling me is that there is now a restricted area on the court but you are not going to clearly mark it?

Next thing you are going to tell me is that there will no longer be a 3-point line and the refs will just guesstimate if a player is 20 ft 9 inches from the basket. Officials have a hard enough job keeping up with the fast paced of the college game. Making them do geometry about a players position relative to the rim and backboard makes less sense than Erin Andrew not wearing a low cut shirt at all times.

I am all for this rule, but let's use some common sense: just draw that little semi-circle under the rim to help the zebras out. Lord knows, they can use all the help they can get.

For other rules under consideration by the NCAA and how Truck Bryant feels about them check out Mike Casazza's article in the Daily Mail.

Gerald Henderson takes a seat (via jesse0192)