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Should We Be Ranked In The Top 25?

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Not will we, but should we?

After seeing this early Top 25 from someone over at Bleacher Report, it got me thinking (I know, dangerous).

A lot of people may see Noel Devine and our defense and automatically pencil us in, like that guy did. But then again, if you dig just a little deeper, you realize we have a completely untested offensive line, young corners, still no proven short yardage plan, and a first-year starting quarterback. That doesn't exactly scream rankings, does it?

Can it all fall together? Of course. WVU has a knack for cranking out good offensive lines, so this year may be no different. There's certainly talent there (though, The 25314 would make sure you know that it will probably be squandered by coaching).

But, this early in the season, with so many question marks, do we deserve to be ranked in the top 25? What say you.