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Do I Buy A Pat White Dolphins Jersey?

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Or, alternatively, do I buy a Steve Slaton Texans, Owen Schmitt Seahawks, Pat McAfee Colts, etc. jersey?

When WVU wasn't putting players in the NFL, this wasn't something that we as fans ever had to consider.  It was tough to buy jerseys of undrafted free agents who never saw the field.  My allegiances, as a Browns fan (hold your admiration for my favorite team), were never tested.

But now, with Steve Slaton running all over the place, Pat White going to the wildcat-happy Dolphins, and McAfee just an awesomely crazy guy, I am tempted to support my former Mountaineer brethren with a jersey purchase, even though I in no way support the teams they play for.  Has anyone felt the same?

Maybe I will begin to support those teams, though?  I mean, I have no idea how Miami Hurricanes or USC Trojans fans do it.  They can basically buy any jersey on the market and have it be a guy from their school.  I never had that problem.  I could always be 100% Browns, simply because there weren't any WVU stars in the league.  But now, am I 1% a Dolphins fan?  1% Texans?  Can I simply just cheer for the one player, even if their team goes 1-15 (see, Dolphins)?  I really have no clue.  Someone help me out.

(And lest any Steeler fans decide to chime in on this one, know one thing: I will never cheer for any WVU player in that hideous black jersey.  Even though I'm a Browns fan, I have to save some respect for myself somewhere.)