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The Gold-Blue Game Happened

Well, another successful spring in the books.

As far as I'm concerned, things can only go wrong in spring practice.  One word: injuries.  Sure, it's great to see a show during the spring game, but wouldn't you rather the team get there work in and get the hell out healthy?  I would.  That's worth my $5 donation to WVU Children's right there.

And we mostly got out of the spring healthy, too.  The only "major" injury of note is an apparent stress fracture to Donny Barclay's lower leg (tibia or fibia).  That should put him out for a few months but have him back in plenty of time for the start of fall practice.  JT Thomas sat out the game, but only with a minor ankle injury.  Again, better safe than sorry.  And Reed Williams is still healthy, which in itself should be news.  Big news.

So, again, I like at spring practice (and the Gold-Blue game) as a glorified walkthrough for fall practice.  It's great for timing, etc., but it's probably just a footnote once we start again in August.  That's why you're not going to hear me rave on and on about Wes Lyons or Jordan Roberts.  They had great performances, sure, but let's see it against Liberty.