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Fire HCBS, Now

Since Patrick White took a knee to end the Car Care Bowl, I have been pondering the coaching prowess of HCBS. To be honest, there is no way it should have taken that long for me to figure out that he can't coach lick. The man should be fired, NOW.

He took a Ferrari and turned it into a Moped. Actually, a Moped is a pretty appropriate vehicle, since you should wear a helmet while driving it and half time HCBS is on the sidelines, it looks like he should be wearing a damn helmet. Embarrassing!

It is not like we can get any worse than last season. I mean look at the shambles our program is in. We lost multiple games for the first time since 2007. We went to a bowl game...and won. HCBS only brought in a top 25 recruiting class. WTF! Any coach that cannot add to our multiple national championships is a LOSER and must be fired immediately.

Sure, we are in the middle of spring practice but imagine how motivated our players would be going into next season. I mean, look at the last time we lost a coach, we beat Oklahoma in the Fiesta Bowl for goodness sakes.

What is that you say? "Who could we hire to coach our Mountaineers at this point?" Who couldn't we hire? Everyone wants to coach in Morgantown. I say we hire Bill Belichick and only pay him $0.50 and a box of envelopes.

All I know is that I am finally living in the real world and not fairy tale land. Y'all homers better get on the Fire HCBS train because it is leaving the station.

I am sorry it took me so long to realize that HCBS must be fired, NOW!

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