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BET Semifinals: Syracuse

I will be summoning the spirit of Mike F'n Gansey for this game

There's probably at least a hundred cliched jokes about some variation on "tired oranges," etc. etc., but I will save you all that hilarity.

Basically, one of two three things is going to happen tonight: 1) Syracuse will be spent and we'll win going away; 2) Syracuse will be fresh and we're in for a dogfight; or 3) Devendorf goes on a murderous, crystal meth induced rampage and Syracuse is forced to forfeit. Honestly, I don't have a good feel for which is more probable (kidding, it's #3), so I am going into this game with an open mind. I do know that, whatever the Orange look like, we better play our damndest, because I saw what a tired Jonny Flynn can do. And it was a thing of beauty.

Guys, this is our second straight semifinal appearance, and we have a great chance to make our second ever BET title appearance (2005 being the first, hence the Mike F'n Gansey reference). And maybe, just maybe, win our first conference championship since 1984. This looks to be an inspired group of Mountaineers (all of a sudden), so there's no reason to doubt they can do it. I guess we'll all find out tonight.

Let's see your comments in the, umm, comments section.

Go Mountaineers!