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What Should We Expect Tonight Against The Fruit?

If you're like me, you stayed up into the wee hours of the morning watching one of the most exciting basketball games of the season (if not decade, century, millenia, etc.). Players collapsed on the floor after this one, not able to stand up for one more second. It truly was one for the ages, and if I had possessed the strength at two in the morning, I would have stood in my living room and applauded (instead I went to bed).

Not twelve hours later, Syracuse is worrying not about sleeping for the rest of their lives but playing a semifinal game tonight against West Virginia. It's a tough spot, to be sure. But just how tough?

Pitt showed us last year that you can win four games in four days and take the Big East Championship. Then again, no team has shown they can win 5 games in 4 days, which is basically what Syracuse will have to do. Jonny Flynn, the Orange's standout point guard, played 67 minutes last night. 67! That's almost unbelievable, except I watched it with my own eyes. Some players are gassed the next day after going for half that. What can he possibly have left in the tank?

I think that's the big question tonight: does Syracuse continue to gut it out, or did they leave everything on the court early this morning? You tell us.

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