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Pat White's Pro Day

Pat White did not catch one pass or punt today at WVU's Pro Day. UH-OH! Of course, he also did not run any routes or line up for any kick returns. White strictly worked out at quarterback today.

Word is that some NFL scouts and analysts, including ESPN's Todd McShay McGay, were extremely upset because they all flew into Morgantown to see him catch passes and return kicks. Remember, however, that McGay has doubted Pat all along and only seen him at WR in the NFL. Word from REAL reporters is that many NFL scouts left after Pat threw, knowing that he could play QB in the NFL.

What does this mean for Patrick's draft stock? Who the hell knows but if teams were smart they would scoop him up in first three rounds at QB.

Todd McShay needs to realize that the scouting world does not revolve around what he wants to see. He can keep pretending he is an NFL GM with all his "MOCK" Drafts but he is still just a wanabe.