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Things That Made Me Want To Throw My Shoe

It was an interesting weekend for me, to say the least. By "interesting," I mean full of anger and random acts of violence. No children or loose women were hurt this weekend, but there were a few close calls in the loose women category.

Time to start throwing...


How in the hell did the current Mountaineer get bumped by a girl? While he wasn't as good as Brady Campbell, he was a solid Mountaineer. This stinks of sex discrimination.

Since women back in the day didn’t wear buckskin or carry guns, I assume they will have her wearing a huge dress with a bonnet and have her carrying a frying pan or flowers. That is what Mountaineer women wore back in the day, right? Thought so.


I have not seen a picture of this young lady, but I bet she is fairly attractive. Thus, I would be in favor of this female Mountaineer idea: if they had her wear a buckskin outfit comprised of a top that exposed her stomach, coupled with a nice pair of booty shorts. The finishing touch would be a nice pair of knee high, “fuck me now boots,” made of buckskin.


Hooters in Charleston, WV is the worst place ever to watch a WVU game. Is it because the women are so hot that you cannot pay attention to the TV? No. Our waitress was 40 years old, had a bigger beer gut than me, and looked like someone tried to shove a 2 x 4 between her front teeth. So, is it because they have crappy TV’s? No.

The reason it is such a bad place to watch a WVU game is because they don’t fucking show the games. Well, let me correct that a little: they begin showing the game and then turn it off for the preview for UFC fights. Not the fight, mind you, but the fucking PREVIEW. FUCK YOU HOOTERS. This is the state capital of West “By God” Virginia and you can't watch the biggest game of the year at a fucking sports bar. FUCK YOU HOOTERS. I will never, EVER go there again...unless Marisa Miller is a guest waitress.


Marshall fans: y’all are idiots. First, you can't wait to play WVU because you want to show us just how good you are. Now, you can't wait to get us off your schedule so you can go back to “pretending” you are relevant in college football. Bravo, Marshall. Way to make me hate you even more.