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Signing Day Musings

I know "musings" sounds gay, but what are you gonna do -- it's my site.

  • Absolutely no one should be disappointed with this class.  Sure we lost Carter (see below), but we kept everyone else, picked up Terrance Moore and Taige Redman (who 5th Year Senior loooooves, xoxoxo), and inked Tevita Finau once again.  That's a solid, solid class, especially after a (slightly?) disappointing season.
  • Michael Carter is the new Tajh Boyd, and that's certainly not a good thing.  How in the world, if you really think you're that good, do you worry about playing time so much that you leave a (new) power program for Minnesota?  Minnesota?!?!!1?  Playing time is important to kids -- I get that.  But the fact that we shored up depth by signing another corner (Pat Miller, who is ranked lower than Carter) shouldn't completely change a kid's mind.  Recruits don't get to dictate play-calling (see: Boyd, Tajh) and they don't get to dictate recruiting.  If he's that worried about competition, enjoy Minnesota, because there certainly won't be any there.
  • Holding onto Hargrett was huge.  A few weeks ago, I didn't think he would be a Mountaineer.  Can't have too much depth.
  • We have a ton of impact players in this class.  Certainly, Finau is the most ready to step on the field, if we can just get him in school.  Stewart knows that Geno Smith must be ready.  Hopefully we can keep Brown healthy and maintain a redshirt for him, though.  As for other positions, wide receiver is usually the easiest position to learn as a newcomer, so look for the trio of Heastie, Long, and Bailey to contribute early.  Also, we really need to either Chris Palmer or Dominik Davenport to be ready to go.  Preferably both, to be honest with you.
  • Sleeper of the class?  Cole Bowers.  Not because he's a West Virginia boy, but I think he ultimately becomes an all-conference multi-year starter.  he and Weingart could anchor the left side of the line for awhile.
  • And lastly, Is winning the Big East recruiting title like winning a gold medal in the Special Olympics?  Just curious.