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The Huggins Not-Homecoming Open Thread


See what I did there? I took the Cincinnati Bearcat trademark "C" logo and turned it into a hilarious insult. With this kind of sense of humor, it's no wonder I get laid so much. By women. I know, high five!

Just so everyone knows, this ain't no homecoming. Huggins' homecoming happened when he came back to Morgantown. Going back to Cincinnati is just a bad memory. This is revenge for a vengeful dismissal (not to mention a real ass-whipping last year at the Coliseum).

This game separates us from an elite seed (possibly four or higher) and relegating ourselves to an 8-9 or 7-10 game. Win this, keep the momentum going, and then get ready for a war against Louisville. But we better win this battle first.

And we will. Book it.