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Please, By All Means, Doubt Pat White

To be honest, I think he'd prefer it.

This guy, basically since he stepped foot on campus, has done nothing but defy expectation at every turn.  Why we're surprised at his combine performance is beyond me.  He has shown that he will outwork everyone else to make up for any perceived deficiency he might have, be it size, strength, or ability.

But, yet, this is shocking to the college football and NFL world.  Why?  We've seen it for four years, why not now?

Todd McShay refuses to report anything about Pat White, positive or negative, without first qualifying that he believes he is nothing more than a slot receiver/wildcat player.  While after the Combine performance he can’t help but be positive, there is still a lingering disingenuousness about his comments.

I know enough about Pat White to not doubt his resolve; McShay doesn’t.  That’s why his combine performance is surprising to everyone else but Mountaineer fans.