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This Ain't Your Older Brother's Notre Dame

Usually, we have to wait until March to experience the full brunt of a classic Notre Dame collapse.  This year, however, the Irish are getting a head start by losing seven in a row and going 2-6 in January.  Of course, then they go and beat Louisville by a thousand, but I am writing that off as just trying to fuck with our minds.  This just isn't that good of a team.  They have talent, but as a team, not so much.

So far this season, Notre Dame has won exactly two road games.  That pretty much lines up with all Irish squads: win at home, lay eggs on the road.  Last season (and the season before that), they managed to pull out a whopping four wins on the road.  Let's recap: awesome in South Bend, terrible outside the city limits.  Luckily, this game is played in Morgantown.\

Let Harangody get his points.  It's going to happen, especially with our inside defense.  But keeping guys like McAlarney, Ayers, and Jackson off the scoring sheet will be key.

This might be a must-win, and it should be.  Vegas has us installed as 9.5 point favorites.  You shouldn't lose any game with that big of a spread.