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WVU vs. Pitt, Officials Victorious


I wish I could say that I've never seen officiating as poor as it was in the game last night. Sadly, I watched the Syracuse '92 game and many other basketball games.

However, that doesn't change the fact that the officiating was TERRIBLE.

I'm generally not one to blame the refs for a loss, and I doubt WVU would have won with good officials, but at least give us a chance. Let's see what happens when WVU gets to play with Truck, Butler and Ruoff, and Pitt is allowed to play with Fields and Blair.

Butler and Ruoff played a combined 42 minutes. They both average 37-38 minutes a game in Big East play.

WVU struggles enough scoring with those two on the floor. We don't stand a chance against anyone when they're on the bench.

Ruoff is a guy who is NEVER in foul trouble. Yet he fouls out yesterday. Butler hasn't actually been in trouble since the Marquette game. Yet he fouls out yesterday.

And it's not like they're banging and shoving in the low post. They were getting called for touch fouls 30 feet from the basket that didn't affect the flow of play at all.

Again, I'm not saying the officials cost WVU the game. Pitt also had top players on the bench in foul trouble. But they cost the game watchable enjoyment, and precluded WVU from even attempting to put up a fight.