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Bill Stewart: "They Remember November"

At the beginning of the month,  HCBS told us that, "They Remember November."  Now "they" includes a lot of people, so I am sure everyone has differing opinions and memories from an unseasonably warm November. 

Personally, I remember a few too many bad decisions and having to serve up my special Plan B Colada a couple of times (Tiger knows what I'm talking about). My old specialty was a judo chop to the stomach, but it is more obvious and less effective -- just ask Tyler, my 18 month old. 

Anyways, because none of you care about my personal life, I will return my focus to Mountaineer football.  While I predicted a 3-0 November, going 2-1 is not bad at all. 

My specific memories from the month that was come after the jump...

The lackluster performance against Louisville.

We got the W but many felt this game was a sure sign of bad things to come in our next two games against Top 10 opponents.  Stew's approval went into the tank even more and fans were pretty upset.  Looking back, however, I think we can all agree that getting another W built some great momentum for our end of the season push.

The blown replay call.

We have pissed and moaned about it for a few weeks now but it does not hurt any less.  That was a devastating replay reversal that cost WVU a trip to a BCS game and robbed our athletic department of millions of dollars.  We played a fairly solid game but in the end could not beat the No. 5 Bearcats.  I will be rooting for Cincy against Pitt.

Bill Stewart's press conference controversy.

I think it was much ado about nothing but many fans and media members were very pissed off after it went down.  Our coverage of this event, lead to Tony Caridi making an appearance on The Smoking Musket, to explain his and Bill Stewart's press conference interaction.  In the end nothing came of it, other than giving Stew's detractors more ammunition to hate him.

The Noel Devine run against Pitt.

It was an innocent trap play and then Noel Devine appeared out of nowhere from behind WVU's line.  When I saw the size of the hole and only one Pitt defender directly in front of him, I knew he was going to house it.  The Pitt defender was picking up his jock as Devine out ran the other members of Pitt's secondary for the score.  Is Noel Devine the most explosive back in WVU history?

The Tyler Bitancurt kick.

It is my most vivid memory because it is the most recent.  The entire play occurred as if it were in slow motion.  The snap was good, the ball boomed off Bitancurt's foot and soared through the air as everyone held their breathe.  Once the fans behind the goal posts reacted, the rest of the crowd went crazy.  I was jumping around and my dad started to shake me harder than he did when I was a baby. It was awesome!

All in all, I would grade WVU's performance in the month of November a solid B+.

What are your opinions and memories about November?

Editor's Note: 5th Year Senior does not have a kid, as that would be the first sign of a coming apocalypse.