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Poll Of The Decade's Best: Cornerback

Even though MSNSportsnet is copying our idea of an All-Decade Team, we are going to continue to give you, the Mountaineer fans, the choice of your own, All-Decade Team.

Screw the mainstream media, with their proper use of punctuation and spelling, trying to put us out of business. They can copy us all they want but we will continue to bring you the most irreverent and opinionated version of Mountaineer news on a daily basis. [Ed. note: Unless we have something more important to do, i.e. hot women]

Sorry, I was channeling my inner Glen Beck. Back to our daily poll.

Today we are voting on cornerback. We have some good, some bad but luckily no Perlo Bastien's. We had players that led the league in pool cue shots to the face, stolen laptops and others that were white but good. Who will you vote for?

Remember, after you vote, support your opinion in the comment section.