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A Mountaineer Rorschach Test

I know some of us have been out of school for longer than we would like to admit but just relax. The test is not hard at all. This test is not pass/fail, in fact there are no grades at all.

All you need to do is, tell me what you see...

Do you see...

A. A team ranked 16th in the nation?

B. A stain left on the stage after a boisterous performance by a Morgantown stripper?

C. Jeff Mullen’s newest offensive play that develops well behind the line of scrimmage and gets stuffed for a 2 yard loss? OR

D. Two Pitt "fans" playing tummy swords to determine which Steelers jersey they will wear to the bowl game?

Maybe this test is tougher than I made it out to be...

I see a team that is ranked 16th in the nation and playing in the Gator Bowl. Nine wins is certainly not the best season ever but I’ll take it this year.

I also see a bit of disappointment. I think back to our two close losses and realize, it could’ve been so much better. Then I remember our coach is only in his second year and is about to bring in more top recruits to fit his system. Things could are looking up!

Of course, I also see a stain. You may think it is nasty but Hummer’s has a great breakfast buffet. Don’t tell my girlfriend and NEVER try the "house" syrup.