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This Is Probably Not Cincinnati's Slogan, But Who Can Be Sure


See, the great thing about playing Cincinnati is that you can say whatever the hell you want to about them.  Why?  Because they don't have any fans.  Or any fans that use the Internet, at least.

This should actually be kind of fun.  Like, for instance...

  • Cincinnati, America's Lower Back Tattoo  #BeatCincy
  • Cincinnati, where jail time is a welcome respite.  #BeatCincy
  • Cincinnati Bearcats, because ManBearPig was already taken. #BeatCincy


  • Cincinnati, because Huggins thought Manhattan, KS was a step-up. #BeatCincy
  • Cincinnati, the best cities sound like venereal diseases.  #BeatCincy
  • Cincinnati, just lie and tell people you live in Kentucky.  #BeatCincy

See, isn't that fun?  Have a few beers, come up with your best efforts, and go nuts.  Anything in the comments will speak for themselves.  Solid entries via Twitter will be added after the jump.

[Inspiration via TNIAAM]

Cincinnati, where Brian Kelly's house is priced to move.  #BeatCincy