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WVU vs. Louisville: Grades and Recap

Oh happy day, oh happy day, oh happy day, when WVU won again!

The game was a lot closer than it should have been but we came out with a win.  We did not look sexy, or even beer goggles attractive, but I will take that W any way she will give it to me. 

The team has been flat since the second half of the Syracuse game, but what is the main problem?  Is it the O-Line or is it the Offensive Coordinator's play calling?  Is it the QB or is the O-Line not giving him enough time? Is it a lack of pressure or a bad secondary?   It is 100% obvious to us all, that we need to improve in many areas to score some big victories the next 3 weeks.

The fact that we got the W does not change the grading system.  I pass out the grades after the jump...

Offensive Line: D This group has either regressed or not improved since the beginning of the season.  On almost every play, it seems that at least one of these guys misses a block or gets in the running backs way.  Are they confused on the play call or are the just that bad?  I remember one or two plays where Devine and Jock had somewhat of a hole until an O-lineman closed it for the D.  With the athletes we have running the ball, they do not need much room to break one.  We need this group to step up big over the next few weeks in order to win.

Jarrett Brown and WR's: C  JB kept many plays alive by avoiding the rush and scrambling out of the pocket.  He also threw the ball right on the money to Jock to give him the best chance to get into the endzone on the bubble screen.  WAIT WHAT, we scored on the bubble screen, that play never works, OMG. However, JB missed a few open men and seemed timid to take a hit for a few extra yards. 

Our WR's dropped a few balls and could not get off bumps on the outside to get open.  However, they stepped up and made some catches and blocks when we needed them the most.

Defense: B-  They stepped up during crunch time of the fourth quarter and on most third downs.  They only allowed Louisville to convert on 5 of 17 opportunities on third down.  While this unit gave up way too many yards on the ground, they kept them out of the endzone and that is what won us the game

On Louisville's final series we saw the true heart and toughness of this defense.  Julian Miller was dead on his feet but gave everything he had to get pressure on Stein.  With Chris Neild out the D-Line got the pressure we have been looking for all season.  The secondary also played well after a horrible game against USF. Note: The grade started at C- but looking at the stats, I felt they deserved better.

Special Teams: HCBS changed personnel on kick-offs and it paid off.  WAIT WHAT, HCBS is too loyal to switch any players out because he does not want to hurt their feelings and he is just an idiot. The 25314 called for this a couple weeks ago and it looks like Lider was finally outperformed in practice.

Coaching: C-  Even though Koz placed the ball perfectly on the punt, I feel like HCBS made the wrong decision to punt on 4th and short.  We needed to be more agressive against this team.  Otherwise, I liked his intensity on the sidelines and calls on special teams.

Mullen had a conservative game plan that was predictable after the first series.  Dave Johnson needs to get in someones face when they miss an assignment.  These two need to improve the most before Friday's game at Cincy.  Let's see a UNC game rather than another Louisville game.

Fans: D  I knew it was a bad sign when I saw at least 15 - 20 guys keep their hats on during the playing of our national anthem.  I was one of 5 people in my section clapping when the team came out in the second half, very sad.  A lot of the crowd was leaving before the game was even over.  Students, what students? I will give the couple in front of me props this game, they at least made it through one series after halftime, it was a record. 

The game was not fun to watch but we got the W and I am ready for Cincy.  I hope our team is too.