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WVU vs. Pitt: Grades and Recap

It was almost two years in the making, but Bill Stewart has finally put a signature win on his coaching resume. Not only did the Mountaineers win the game, but his team showed improvement in almost every facet of the game. While the win is probably not enough to please some out there, the improvement shown by this team should at least please some of Stew's detractors.

While the grades may not be A’s across the board, I am sure many of you will find them a bit high.

Eat Shit Pitt...

Offensive Line: B  After the first 17 minutes they moved Pitt’s line off the ball and gave JB time to throw. While they did not open up huge holes, other than Devine’s 88 yard run, they gave our back’s just enough room to gain some solid yards. The improvement we have all been wanting to see, came at the perfect time.

Offense: B  We did not move the ball particularly well at times but we did not turn it over all night and we drove the ball when necessary. JB looked cool under pressure and threw some great passes. Our receivers got open and came up with some big catches, coughWes Lyonscough.

Noel Devine: A+   While he may have gotten stuffed a couple times, any time he touches the ball I think it will be a touchdown. This kid is great. He is one of the most explosive running backs in school history.

Defense: A The defense held a team that was scoring 34+ points a game, to only 16 points. The unit did it by pressuring Stull and playing great in coverage. Our corners were breaking on balls and making great tackles in the open field.

Special Teams: B  We still have a problem with kick-off coverage but other than that this unit came up huge. Rodgers and Austin gave us good field position after kick-offs, Koz flipped field position on multiple occasions and Bitancurt was a stud. We can still improve more but this unit is looking pretty good.

Tyler Bitancurt: A++++++++++++ This kid was not given a chance early in the game, he did not let it get to him and came up huge in the clutch. Lou Groza winner in the coming years?

Coaching:  B  Casteel called a great game.  He brought pressure at the right time and kept Stull guessing about our pass coverage.  Mullen was overly conservative but called a great series to end the game.  Stew showed some balls and smarts with his fourth down calls.

All in all, it was a great victory and a building block for Stew's future at WVU.