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Game Thread: Ebanks Watch & Long Beach State Edition

Bob Huggins and the West Virginia Mountaineers head to California for an initial matchup with Long Beach State on Thanksgiving and possible games against top 10 opponents, but that is largely secondary to the continuing saga of Devin Ebanks.

Ebanks, he of future lottery pick stardom, sat quietly on the bench in Charleston last night. That was a step up from not even making an appearance in the Coliseum nine days earlier against Loyola. But it is likely that the Ebanks show debuts this afternoon, something that both Gazette's Mitch Vingle and Daily Mail's Jack Bogacyk agree will happen.

But there he was Tuesday, still sitting on the bench, largely overshadowing what was an up-and-down effort against a fesity Citadel Bulldogs squad. Though they never trailed and were comfortably ahead for the vast majority of the game, it is clear that Ebanks is needed to make this team go. While we probably saw a top 25 team play last night in the Civic Center, it is Ebanks that makes this team elite.

If we see him today, great. If not, oh well. But either way...