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The Infamous Stiles: Idle WVU Football & Basketball Thoughts

[For those that don't know, Stiles is a founding member of this site.  Unfortunately, he was kidnapped by human traffickers and now works as a bellhop and man servant in Central America.  Still a big WVU fan, though.]

Recently, with the football season gone to hell and the basketball year starting, I’ve had even more idle thoughts than ever. Today, I’ve decided to share some of those with you…

This Joe Mazzulla injury scares me. Without him, I don’t think WVU can be a Final Four team. I believe he’s the perfect starter to match up with Ebanks and Butler. Mazzulla can get them the ball in their spots and get out of the way. From the little I saw last year, I’m not in love with Truck Bryant’s game. He’s a classic NYC point guard, in that he loves to pound the ball into the ground. Plus, he likes to shoot, which he shouldn’t be doing a lot of when Ebanks, Butler and Jones are on the floor together. To me, he’s the perfect spark plug off the bench.

Even with the fine work that WVUIE97 does, I don’t stay that current with the news, but that Ebanks news came out of left field. I don’t like it, either.

Down here, I have to take some malaria medication, which causes some interesting dreams. The other night I might have had my wildest- Robert Johnson chucking the ball to J.T. Perry in WVU uniforms.

If Joe Manchin starts sniffing his nose around the basketball team this year, I hope Huggins tells him to go back to the Governors Mansion.

It’s time for the Stiles discussion of replacing Bill Stewart even if he isn’t likely going to be replaced. Much to my dismay, might I add. Obviously, I have Jimbo Fisher number one. I don’t think he’ll be leaving FSU, but he’s the total package in my opinion. Good recruiter. Ties to the state. Young.

From there I break it down into two different categories – 1. Older, experienced coach. 2. Young and up and coming.

Let’s start with the old dudes first:
  1. Tommy Tuberville – I felt he got a raw deal at Auburn. He was a winner there, until the last season. Plus, anybody that goes undefeated in the SEC can coach. Also, this would allow WVU to make up for not hiring a former Auburn coach like they should have before settling on Stewart. And settling on Stewart is the perfect way to describe it, too.
  2. Charlie Weis – Just kidding. The only guy that handles in game stuff worse than Stewart. 4 and 1? Just chuck it up, dawg!
  3. Tommy Bowden – Why not?

Young and up and coming:

  1. Butch Jones – My number three choice after Fisher and Tuberville. The receivers were much improved the year he was here. Plus he has kept the Central Michigan machine running smoothly after replacing Brian Kelly.
  2. Charlie Strong – Good recruiter and defensive coach. Hanging around Meyer, you have to figure he would know somebody who can coach offense.

That’s it for now. I don’t want to go any further or I’ll start to get depressed. I just want that whole staff at the Pusker Center cleaned out after the fifth of Decemeber. It’s not too much to ask for, right?

I came across Charley’s discussion of Bill Stewart possibly becoming AD and I almost started to cry like Nancy Kerrigan after she got clubbed in the knee – WHY ME? WHY ME? Let’s set the record straight, this should never EVER happen. I know Pastilong has his detractors, but the guy has been impressive this decade. The football team, basketball team, cross country team and soccer teams have either seen new heights or heights they haven’t seen in a long time this decade. Even the volleyball team was half decent this year. I would say probably the Athletic Department is at an all time high right now. So why would we hand it to Stewart? We’ve already seen he can take something that is top 10 and run it right back to mediocre. Do we need to see it again? Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, same on me.

Besides, can you see Stewart chairing a hands on meeting to discuss numbers? Here’s what I picture:

  • Stewart – This year we are running in the red, which as you know, is awesome.
  • Guy with a clue – Uh, Bill, that doesn’t mean awesome, that means bad.
  • Stewart – What are you taking about? When you are in the red area in football that means good.
  • Guy with a clue – OK, Bill, let me explain this to...
  • Stewart – They remember the final numbers. And they are awesome. Meeting adjourned.

We don’t need this, folks. Another time, I’ll expand my thoughts on the AD. But suffice to say, Dr. Charley West isn’t in the fold. Although I would put him higher on the list than Stewart.