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Week 10 Blog Poll (The Ballot Of The Smoking Musket)

No movement up top, but a ton of movement in the upper-to-middle tier of teams.  This week is bound to likely not move the top either, barring a WVU upset of Cincinnati on Friday night or Alabama falling in a trap game at Mississippi State (a real possibility).

Here are my other thoughts:

  • I still believe Cincinnati is the best of the unbeatens out of the top three.  While their defense looked a little suspect against UConn, they have one of the most dynamic offenses in the country.  Their schedule also gets much tougher, so if they win out, I believe they will be in a position to take the national championship spot should one of the top three stumble early.
  • Did my best to keep Oregon above USC and USC above Ohio State.
  • Iowa finally got exposed, and with their starting QB out for awhile, I dropped them like third period French.
  • Pitt at #8?  Yuck.  But they're playing extremely well.  Great running game and strong in the trenches.  Remember when WVU used to be strong in the trenches?
  • Utah is getting 17 points at TCU this weekend.  That seems awfully high.
Rank Team Delta
1 Texas
2 Alabama
3 Florida
4 Cincinnati
6 Boise State 1
7 Georgia Tech 3
8 Pittsburgh 4
9 Utah 4
10 Miami (Florida) 4
11 LSU 2
12 Oregon 4
13 Southern Cal 2
14 Ohio State 6
15 Houston 1
16 Arizona 1
17 Penn State 6
18 Oklahoma State 1
19 Iowa 13
20 Wisconsin 4
21 Brigham Young 1
22 South Florida 1
23 Virginia Tech 2
24 Stanford
25 Auburn
Last week's ballot

Dropped Out: Notre Dame (#18), California (#21).

Remember, if I've made any glaring mistakes, I have until tomorrow morning to alter my ballot. Let me know your thoughts and try to convince me if you must. Have at it.