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Things That Made Me Want To Throw My Shoes

I get really mad way to often over things that should not make me mad. In fact, I will probably have a heart attack before I reach 40 because I get so fired up. To help me have a relaxing weekend I'm going to use this as a steam release.

If there is anything that has pissed you off recently let loose and see if anyone else feels the same or if you are just a crazy person. Here we go...

Shoe 1

How in the hell can our Mountainette have so much trouble with the gun. While I did not notice this, I was told she missed the musket shot on two of our touchdowns Thursday night. I hope this is the only thing in her life that she has trouble getting off.

I guess I should not be too critical though. At least she has not shot herself in the face yet.

Shoe 2

I hope our cornerbacks were taught how to play defense while the ball is in the air this week. Over the last few games, we have seen them screw up in every way possible. Sometimes they fail to turn around and the ball is thrown over their shoulder. Other times they simply stand in awe of the receiver jumping for the pass. Nobody can forget that they also play 10 yards off the reciever to allow 5 yard outs all day long.

I don't know if Pat Miller is the answer but give the kid a chance to make some plays on D.

Shoe 3

Is anyone else tired of the Tebow updates every 15 seconds on ESPN. "Tebow has come of the locker-room with pads on today." "He is running across the field at a brisk pace." "He has turned water into Gatorade and still had time to heal three linebackers of chlamydia from last Saturday nights trip around the Tri-Delt house.."

Shoe 4

Am I the only one that loved HCBS outfit on Thursday night? Sure, he looked a little like Jim Tressel but at least you could not tell his pants were pulled up a little too high. I hope he keeps dressing up on the sidelines. Heck, I would like to see him in a suit one of these games

Shoe 5

To all the people that are thinking about calling the HCBS Statewide Sportsline, don't be idiots. Please, for the love of god, don't give him advice about how you would teach the players to carry the football. Keep telling Little Johnny to keep it high and tight because nobody cares what you have to say.

Over/Under for callers giving HCBS advice on fumbles is 3. I'll take the over, unless Goldcard Bill gets on and talks for 30 minutes again.