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WVU at USF Recap: No Guts, No Glory

No guts, no glory.  I have no clue who originially coined that phrase but it is a sadly appropriate description of last night's game beat-down.  Jim Leavitt had guts to go for it multiple times, while Bill Stewart forgot his balls in Morgantown.  HCBS, I have defended your decisions most of the time but what the hell were you thinking last night?

It was our chance to show a national TV audience that we were a contender in the Big East but we fell flat on our face and got a mud hole stomped in our ass. The team played liked a bunch of Pop Warner kids that wanted the game to be over quickly so they could go to Chuck-E Cheese after the game. 

The one positive to remember from last night is that we still control our own destiny in the Big East.  IF we win out, we represent the Big East in a BCS bowl game.  After seeing this team's play last night, it is a big IF.

Here are my grades for the game beat-down...

Offensive Line: This unit was so bad that Josh Jenkins and Don Barclay had more tackles on the night than Reed Williams.  I saw one maybe two plays where our O-Line was able move the Bulls line backwards.  We got beat on the edge, up the middle and could not disguise a screen.  We held on a numbe of plays and got away with it.  the performance was terrible.

Jarrett Brown: D He tucked the ball away and rushed for two TD's but his decision making while throwing was horrible.  Noel Devine was open as a check down reciever the entire game and had one ball thrown his way.  JB missed open recievers over the middle time after time.  After his interception, he was scared to thow the ball and it showed.  I hate to say this BUT if we lose one more game it is time for the Geno Smith era to begin.

Defensive Line: C+ This unit actually performed decently last night.  They got penetration on the run to slow Plancher down but then some of LB's constantly would miss the tackle.  We still need to get pressure on the QB but that is more the LB's job than the D-Line in the 3-3-5 scheme.

Line Backers: D The only bright spot was JT Thomas.  Lazear missed tackle after tackle.  At least they didn't let USF's TE catch 12 balls over the middle.

Defensive Backs: 2% Robert Sands is a stud.  The rest of you guys are bums.  Keith Tandy, thanks for playing but it is time for you do the right thing.  Simply poke yourself in the eye so you are not healthy for the remainder of the season.

Special Teams: B Kickoff coverage was good for a change.  Koz punted well, even though his average will go down because HCBS had him punting from the 33 yard line.  Our returners gave us good field position all night but Mullen spoiled it.

Coaching: F HCBS, what in the hell were you thinking?  I agree with our first punt inside our 40 because at that point in the game it was fine to play field position.  The second time, however, was one of the worst calls in Mountaineer history.  Mullen, did you throw out the game plan after the first series?  We moved it right down the field the same way Pitt and Cincy did.  Then you did not call those plays again.  WTF.  I seriously hope you watch film and think, "I'm an idiot."

I am still shaking my head at what happened last night.  We performed like many of the critics said we would all season.  But let me be clear, so far, all you critics have only been right once.  You are 1-7 on the season in your predictions for this team.  By your standards you suck and should be fired from making predictions. 

You may now come out of hiding and bash on HCBS and this team.  But remember, you have been wrong more this season than you have been right.