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WVU @ USF Postmortem -- Usually, Discretion Is The Better Part of Valor

Shakespeare may have said it, but even he would have shook his head at some of the calls tonight.  I certainly don't want to pile on, because ultimately I want to believe that this staff can get things done, but tonight was simply not a good night.

There were mistakes, miscues, and every other adjective for "fuck up" on both sides of the ball tonight.  Again, in one of the understatements of the year, it wasn't a good night.

I wouldn't have posted anything, because frankly, I would like to sleep on this horrific loss.  But still, the last thread was getting too bloated, so you have my reserved, conservative thoughts.  Truthfully, I want to throw many large objects, but I will refrain.

Comment away.............


This is how I feel, though a little taller.