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Yearning For A Big Game Thread Turnout Tonight

Guys, the game threads posted here at The Smoking Musket have the chance to a be a big-time affair.  Other schools often have hundreds and hundreds of comments, creating a real-time discussion of the game, as it happens.  That rarely happens outside of message boards, and let's be honest, message boards are where logic goes to die.

TSM is better than that, and I would love to see what our community can do when it really embraces the game thread.  Plus, the comments will be featured at the top of (click on NCAAF at the top, above the scores), so you know there will be a lot of exposure.

So, be on the lookout for tonight's game thread, which will be posted three hours before game time (approximately 5 pm)  You can comment on the website or on your mobile phone via  Make sure to show up early, give your pre-game thoughts, check in throughout the game, and then watch for post-game updates.