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Adreian Payne Spurns West Virginia, Chooses Michigan State

Mountaineer fans will not have to grapple with the unusual spelling of Adreian Payne's first name too much since the star 2010 recruit has chosen to play for Tom Izzo's Michigan State Spartans.

Thought to be leading until this past week, the choice makes quite the dent in a potential Bob Huggins recruiting class that included the likes of Payne (6'10", Dayton, OH), Noah Cottrill, and possibly Tobias Harris (6'8", Brookville, NY).

Harris is the real jewel of this class, but is still considered an even longer shot to land than was Payne. And, seeing as how Payne has chosen Michigan State, it makes Harris that much more of a priority. But when things look bleak, always remember that Bob Huggins is "The Man." Afterall, Tobias Harris' dad said so.